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Our Work

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Neonatal - Our Work

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Neonatal - Our Work

Education Day 26th May 2021

We are proud to present the first Annual ODN Education Day 

For further details see below or click on the Link

Agenda includes:

Prof. Dominic Wilkinson – Risky Decisions: Resuscitation at 22 Weeks

Francesca Segal (Author of Mother Ship) -Through a Mother’s Eyes

Dr Alok Sharma – The Lollipop Man in Preterm Resuscitation

Dr Ben Carter – Life on the Other Side of the Curtain

Aberdeen NICU team – Encouraging Skin to Skin Care in Neonates

Dr Ilana Levene – Maximising Maternal Breastmilk for Very Preterm Babies: Why and How?

Alison Leonard – Introducing Oral Feeds – The SLT Perspective

Jo Macleod and Gemma Finch – The ANNP Career Journey

To register for a free place, please email medwayft.kssneonatalodn@nhs.net and you will be sent a Microsoft Teams invitation before the event.

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Neonatal - Our Work

KSS Neonatal ODN Practice Educators Group

From September 2020, the education leads from each of the neonatal units within the KSS region have established a group to meet regularly, in order to share education plans, events, resources and ideas. The first action has been to scope the current education provision of all the units, via an education audit. This will establish the priorities of the group moving forward. This will be reflected within the network education strategy, which is currently in development.

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Neonatal - Our Work

South East Neonatal Simulation Education Group

The SENSE group was established in 2020, with the first meeting held in December. The special interest group brings together various professionals from all the neonatal units of both the Thames Valley and Wessex ODN and Kent, Surrey and Sussex ODN, with expertise and interest in neonatal simulation. The aim is to share best practice and resources, and develop simulation education within the region.

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Neonatal - Our Work

Resources & Links

Resources and Links

Neonates in a Nutshell YouTube channel; Vanessa Sturt and ANNP team at St Peter’s


Videos on:

  1. NAS
  2. Cranial Ultrasounds
  3. CFM
  4. Gastroschisis
  5. Exomphalos
  6. Abdominal x-rays
  7. Abdominal x-rays 2 free air
  8. Infection control in practice
  9. Skin
  10. Skin 2 – infections
  11. Understanding neonatal blood gases
  12. Pulmonary haemorrhage

BAPM webinars:

  1. Optimising Early Maternal Breast Milk for Preterm Infants


Medtronic Clinical Education:

Managing Neonatal Stressors


E-learning catalogue


Wednesday Webinars



Noise in the NICU: How sound affects premature babies


Neonatal Ventilation





A guide to High Velocity Nasal Insufflation in Neonates

NICU eBook MKT-0357 Rev B.pdf

E-Learning for Healthcare:


  1. Avoiding Term Admissions Into Neonatal units (ATA)
  2. Breastmilk Provision for Preterm and Sick Neonates (BPN)
  3. Immunisation on Neonatal Units (NNI)
  4. Infant Feeding (IFE)
  5. Mental Health Awareness Programme (MHP)
  6. NHS Antenatal and Newborn Screening Programmes: cross-programme learning
  7. NHS Newborn Blood Spot (NBS) Screening Programme
  8. Reducing Avoidable Term Admissions (RAA)
  9. Blood Transfusion (blood)
  10. Allied Health Professionals Careers’ Resource
  11. Anaphylaxis
  12. Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  13. National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBC)
  14. Perinatal Mental Health (PMH)
  15. Preterm Birth (PTB)
  16. Preventing Cerebral Palsy in Preterm Labour (PReCePT)
  17. Saving Babies’ Lives (SBL)
  18. Simulation Faculty Development (SHP)
  19. Small Wonders (SWO)
  20. Supporting Self Care (SSC)
  21. Working with families to transition from neonatal units to home (TLS)
  1. 30 Minute Meditation: Mindfully Managing your Anxiety https://youtu.be/tod7n6VIpfc

SBK Healthcare Webinars:

  1. 30 Minute Meditation: Mindfully Managing your Anxiety https://youtube/tod7n6VIpfc

Kent, Surrey & Sussex Neonatal - Our Work

KSS Nurse Education

Neonatal Foundation Programme

The KSS Neonatal Foundation programme will commence for the first time in September 2021.
It is a 6 month programme, aimed at newly qualified practitioners and staff that are new to
speciality; including nurses, allied health professionals, junior doctors and non-registered staff.

The programme will consist of 3 parts:
1. Preceptorship for newly qualified staff, providing peer support and personal development
through this transition period.
2. Foundation learning, covering the fundamentals of neonatal care. This will be via e-learning
and online tutorials.
3. Interprofessional face to face study days, centred around clinical simulation and human
factors training.

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